Let’s step outside. Together.


Join our community of inspiring people who support, encourage, and demand that we step out of our comfort zones and into more fulfilling lives

We are living in a changing world. These uncertain times are forcing us to grow in ways we never imagined.

It reminds us of the old parable of the lobster and its shell.

You see, a lobster grows from the inside and its shell does not expand; little by little, its body feels increasingly confined as it presses on its shell, until one day the lobster notices that the pressure is just too much. Motivated by discomfort and a desire to grow, the lobster forces off its old shell to give room to a newer, more spacious one.

At The Challenge Challenge, we want people to be like lobsters. To step into the unknown for growth. To become more comfortable with uncertainty.  And to live life fully expressed.

Unlike lobsters, though, you don’t have to do it alone.

The Challenge Challenge is the community that will support you in your growth. Together, we will help you expand in ways you may never have believed possible.


    • A community of people that will love, champion, support and hold you accountable for your most expressed life
    • New friendships and a community of likeminded people who believe in each other
    • A sense of pride, achievement and aliveness that will spread to other areas of your life and relationships
    • 2 hour monthly gatherings with 15-21 other chapter members
    • A certified coach to facilitate monthly gatherings and deepen learnings
    • Accountability partnerships between monthly gatherings to help you reach your goals
    • Leadership and coaching skills that will apply to your growth and all areas of your life

Love, inspiration, and accountability transform.

The Challenge Challenge is a community of everyday, extraordinary people who support each other in choosing a fuller life.


What’s one thing that would push you beyond your edge of comfort but create a positive effect for the rest of your life?

We are the community who will love, support, and encourage you to find the ‘you’ that lives beyond that edge.

Your Best Self

Part of growth means exploring the areas of our personality we wish to expand.  For some it could mean standing up to the partner who, every time, reels you back in. For others, this means growing a bit more patient. Or, for example, one member who learned to overcome his shyness by taking on a part-time sales position. Or maybe your best self is claiming your worth and charging more for your services.  Your best self can come in so many forms!

Express Yourself

Give a speech to a jam packed room. Perform a guitar solo at a concert in a park. Become a stand up comic or kill at as an improv actor.  Some members have learned new languages and moved away to foreign countries. Others have learned to bake or even break dance. These are just some of the ways members have shed their shells in the art of self-expression.

Chart Your Course

Sometimes life requires that we lead from in front and make big, bold decisions about our careers, our families, and our lives. Members have taken charge in their lives by starting new businesses, ending unhealthy relationships , and learning how to say ‘no’.

Let’s Get Physical

Sometimes our biggest obstacles in life are overcome with movement. One member overcame self-esteem issues by training for a marathon. Another combatted depression by cycling across the United States. Some just simply want to fit in their wedding dress again or feel alive by learning to tango at 83!

Thrill Seekers

Snakes, spiders, clowns…there are lots of things that just freak us out, but ultimately take us out of the game of living. Take for example one member who confronted his fear of heights and, after bungee jumping off a bridge in Ecuador, made a hobby of rock climbing. Impressive stuff, amigo.

Mind and Spirit

Some members have sought growth by connecting with something larger than themselves. This may look like enrolling in a 10 day silent retreat, joining the local church choir, or developing a dedicated meditation practice to quiet the mind. For others this looks like taking journeys with medicinal plants or alternative forms of deeper connection so that they can ‘be’ more and ‘do’ less.

Truth and Love

How can I have the difficult but needed conversation with my partner? How can I re-connect with a loved one after so many years of burnt bridges? How might I confront my abuser so that I can be whole again? These are some of the questions people have asked themselves in order to grow into their fullest selves.

So Many More

How you need to grow could manifest itself in a million different ways.  Not seeing yours here?  That’s okay.  Our accountability peer groups are designed to create safe spaces for you to explore what you need to shed your shell, and co-actively create experiences to foster your growth, however you define it.

Choose courage over comfort

                                                                                                               Brene Brown


Sign Up

This is the hardest step — noticing you need to shed your shell.  You may not fully know how you need to grow, but something inside knows that you do. That’s okay!  Simply click the “Learn More”  button below. After you join, we will connect you with a local Challenge Challenge group that will support you along the way.


Once a month for 6 months you will gather with other members to share success stories, debrief any obstacles, and learn leadership/coaching skills needed to shed your shell. In between monthly meetings, you will work with other members to help each other identify growth gaps and serve as accountability partners to one another.


Here’s where the magic happens! Over the course of 6 months you will shed your shell (or shell after shell!) and step into things you never knew possible. You will be surrounded by love, encouragement and accountability along the way! As your new shell grows, you will help others do the same.

We can make ourselves miserable or we can make ourselves strong.

The effort is the same.

                                                                                                                  Pema Chodron