What started as a personal growth project turned into a project for our worlds.

Meet Patti Jo Wiese, Casey Miller, and Kyle Shea

Patti Jo Wiese


Stirring it up, pushing for better, while keeping things fun, fierce and kind — that’s PJ’s way.

As Partner at Six and A Half Consulting, PJ loves connecting unlikely parties for big impact. Whether it’s introducing friends, locking a bold deal or spearheading a social enterprise, forwarding big change is her focus. Uncertainty is where she thrives.

PJ previously owned a film post production facility, a children’s social network and a marketing consultancy focused on storytelling / personal branding for CEOs. But her young adult children would say she’s mostly a caring Mom. She agrees.

PJ’s current challenge is launching The Challenge Challenge podcast.

Casey Miller


In a pot, stir together a big heart, powerful truths,  and a little irreverence. That’s Casey’s purpose. Founder of Six and a Half Consulting, a leadership development company in Vancouver, Canada, Casey is on a mission: to help people lead more purposeful lives and companies have greater impact.

He is the also author of Six and a Half: a Story about Roads, Rashes, and Redemption, a book written about his experiences on a bike, alone, riding across the United States.

Casey holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and one in Theological Studies from Harvard University.

Casey’s current challenge is launching The Challenge Challenge with Kyle and PJ.

Kyle Shea


Kyle believes to the core of his being that in this life there’s aliveness to be experienced—and better yet, to be shared.

As the founder of Kyle Shea Coaching, he provides access to a life of aliveness, connection, and impact for individuals as a growth coach and for organizations as a leadership trainer.

With his background in clinical psychology, positive psychology, and coaching, Kyle empowers others to take charge of their lives and live them with inspired meaning—as he has been able to do for his own life in serving others.

Kyle’s current challenge is launching The Challenge Challenge with Casey and PJ.

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