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The Challenge Challenge Community

The Challenge Challenge is a group of inspiring people who love, encourage, and hold each other accountable in the expression of our most fulfilled lives.  We do this by helping one other identify growth gaps in our lives — a scary thing if done alone.  But when done in community, our lives can transform.  Joining The Challenge Challenge means  joining a group of incredible, ordinary folk who bond over the same shared goal — stepping out of our comfort zones and living our lives more fully expressed. This is done with monthly gatherings, in-between groups, and leadership/coaching skills.  All bundled with love, encouragement, and support.


Sign Up

This step is likely the hardest.  It is the step where you commit to yourself that you need a change.  You may not know how or exactly what, but deep inside there is an urge to shed your shell and grow.


Launch Together

After signing up, we will put you in a cohort.  When the cohort has between 15 and 20 participants, it officially “launches” for a 6 month journey of transformation.  This starts with your first monthly gathering.


Monthly Gatherings

Facilitated by a certified coach, chapters gather monthly (either online or in person) for approximately 2 hours. These gatherings are designed to create community, celebrate successes, and encourage growth as people learn to step out of their comfort zones. The gatherings also serve as a forum for our coaches to deliver leadership and coaching skills that are useful for members during the in-between monthly meetings.

Your 6 month journey follows this arc:

Month 1: Building Trust 

Welcome to The Challenge Challenge! In this first month you will learn skills to build deep trust fast with other members of your cohort, but in particular members of your in-between pod (see below for more details).  This trust, coupled with introductory coaching skills learned in the first monthly gathering, will be imperative you help support, encourage, and push one to define your first draft challenges.

Month 2: First Drafts

In month 2, you will explore your personal ‘why’ behind your first draft challenges and begin to connect your challenge to a larger and deeper sense of fulfillment. You will also begin to explore what gets in the way of bringing your challenge to life — your inner saboteurs.  By the end of month 2, a final draft of your challenge will be ready for you to share with your cohort.

Month 3: Declare and Fine Tune

In this month’s gathering, challenges are declared and shells begin to shed!  During this month, you will start to fine tune your challenge and take the first steps to bring it to life.

Month 4: Live My Challenge

It has been all leading up to here — the time when you shed your shell.  With the support of other members, you will step into the unknown and face your discomfort with courage.  Whether or not you succeed in your challenge is secondary.  That you had the courage to try, perhaps fall, and try again is the stuff that true resiliency is made of. Along the way you will be surrounding with love, encouragement and support.

Month 5: Stronger Together

The incredible thing about shedding shells and stepping outside our comfort zones is learning who we have become — together.  This month is all about reflecting on the stuff that you’re made of as you continue to evolve with your challenge. More importantly, it’s about the reflecting on the community you’ve created and what’s possible in partnership.

Month 6: What’s Possible Now?

Over the past 6 months you’ve grown as a people, but also as a group. In our final month together and with your in-between group, you will explore how to apply what you’ve learned about yourself, the challenge you’ve overcome, and who you are becoming to other areas of your life in pursuit of fulfillment. The Challenge Challenge never really ends in life.  Who knows what the next one could be?


In-Between Meetings

At your first meeting, you will join an accountability triad that will meet in-between larger group gatherings. The purpose of this smaller group is to encourage, support, and push each other out of your comfort zones and towards your goals.  You and your accountability partners are recommended to meet weekly for an hour.


What you’ll get

    • A community of people that will love, champion, support and hold you accountable for your most expressed life
    • Gobs of new experiences, friendships, and possibilities
    • A sense of pride, achievement and aliveness that will spread to other areas of your life and relationships
    • A deepened belief in the power of community
    • 2 hour monthly gatherings with 12-20 other chapter members
    • A trained coach to facilitate monthly gatherings and deepen learnings
    • Accountability partnerships between monthly gatherings
    • Leadership and coaching skills that will apply to your growth and your entire life
    • A whole lot of fun and belly laughs


What is asked of you

    • Monthly attendance to our 2 hour group gatherings
    • Participation in the in-between monthly meetings
    • That you love, champion, support and hold accountable members of your local chapter and accountability group


Membership Fees

You will be billed for 6 months at $149/month.

(We want The Challenge Challenge to be accessible to all. If you would like to join, but the membership investment is outside of your range, connect with us.  We’re happy to discuss how we can make it work for you. Please write to info@thechallengechallenge.life)

Your fee includes:

    • 2 hour monthly gatherings where, together with 15-21 other members, you will feel supported to step out of your comfort zone
    • A trained coach to facilitate these gatherings and deepen your learnings
    • In-between meetings with your accountability group — where the magic starts to happen
    • Leadership and coaching skills that will transfer to your life
    • A community of empowered and inspired people
    • Lots of deep laughs and fulfillment

If, after the 6 month journey and and full participation in the Challenge Challenge gatherings and in-between meetings, you are not fully satisfied we’ll either work with you to make sure your experience is of value or process a refund.  In the end, we are committed to doing what’s right.


Contact Us

Feel free to drop us a line at info@thechallengechallenge.life if you have any questions before signing up.